Nizar Sabour

Nizar Sabour: Faculty of Fine Arts
Remembering Artist Khaled Al Maz

The artist Dr. Khaled Al Maz has several rich stages in my memories, which have been with me for three decades, and he was my teacher at the beginning of my studies. He is a modest artist who has been producing art since the late forties of the 20th century until now. He was a sculptor who decorated many Syrian squares with his great work. He was an administrator who devoted his time as the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts for nine years. He is the colleague who I am working with in the same college.

Dr. Khaled Al Maz is the ideal of a talented artist who has a unique way to relate to his kind. He is a great painter and sculptor. He paints in motivating conditions. This may stop sometimes, but other times becomes very fertile. We can say that the most fertile and the closest stage after he finished his studies in Egypt were sculptural structures for humans, animals, and natural factors which were found so simple. They have very many special shapes on the wall panel surface along with a deeply experienced light color.

He repeated this experience at the beginning of this century, but in another way: as light coloring in topical depictions, full of women gathered in perceptive states, as if waiting for whatever is comin

There are portraits of his daughters, his mother, and even his wife. Those paintings are the most distinct and amazing paintings in the Syrian Art, showing elegance in lines and structure, even in depth of color.

Over fifty years, he painted different women, different types of women than we know, ambiguous, in front of each other, in natural recourses, and in geometric shapes. In any case, these paintings can’t be done except by a sensitive artist.


Nizar Sabour
Faculty of Fine Arts